DOE Electricity

Cost of a 6.72 kW Solar Array (approximately 10.5-11.5 kWH/yr)

(Average American kW hours consumptions 10,000-11,000 kW hours. ) Read More
$21,995 - Install Price
-$6,598.5 (30%) Federal Credits
-$3.959.1 (18%) State Credit
-$4,114 Depreciation (Consult your Accountant)
$7,323.4 Final Cost

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Customer Quotes

Wanting to let you know that we have now recouped our investment in our Solar electric System, we haven’t paid a penny for electricity for years now, and our investment is “ Back in the Bank”
I’ve enclosed our recent “Solar Statement” from our Electricity company as “proof”.
My husband has calculated that we will be saving or earning over $125,000 Dollars in Future Electricity Costs. Thanks again for being patient with us and by doing a fine job, as Retirees, this monthly savings is a GodSend.
-R.A. and A.A, retirees in Iowa
Installed a Ground Mount solar Array, was paying over $300/month for our electricity, my wife and I Re-Fi’d our Home for about $90.00 more a month and now enjoy Free electricity since Re-Financing, currently saving over $200/month and that will increase as Electricity rates continue to raise.
-Mike J.
I have Solar Electric Panels at our Home and I really enjoy seeing our Electricity Meter run Backwards and no more Electricity Bill, Stop Complaining people and PANEL UP!
-Sharon L.

Solar Racking
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