Residential Solar

The environmental benefits of using solar energy are staggering.  But, regardless of your scientific and political views, the choice to go solar comes down to dollars and cents.  Our own calculations make the argument for us.


  • 12,000 Kilowatt Hours, US Energy Information Association.
  • 3.1% Investment Rate- taken from for estimated annual rate of inflation over the next 40 years.
  • 11.5 tons of Carbon Dioxide, from assumed Coal Power Generation. Taken from Prof. Bilek, Marcela; Dr. Hardy, Clarence, Dr. Lenzen, Manfred & Dr. Dey, Christopher (2008). “Life-cycle energy balance and greenhouse gas emissions of nuclear energy: A review”
  • 40 Year Lifespan of Solar Panels are attributed to the large amount of installations in the 1970s. (SunRackSolar Panel Installations come with a 25 year warranty, and a 40 year estimated lifespan)