A-Frame Demonstration Video

Below is a video of SunnRac’s new EZ Foundation being installed. Notice that there is minimal ground degradation and you will see how the operator is being careful, not to turn too quickly to “twist” out areas of sod. SunnRac’s EZ Foundation can be installed in any weather. No waiting to excavate, No need for Concrete and Re-Bar, No waiting for cure time, and No Stripping of Forms.

This Labor Savings system means fewer trips to the site, greater customer satisfaction, and super fast installs.

Imagine no waste dirt to haul a way. No concrete trucks to damage the yard.

In the background you can see a 6 panel SunnRac System already installed which took 30 minutes to put the EZ Foundation in, the Framework and the Solar Panel Mounting channels, all from SunnRac.

Another feature is the ability to attach Steel Siding to the Sides of the Frame, creating a storage shed for Mowers, Gardening materials, etc.

Any Skid loader with front hydraulics can do the install. This is a Bobcat 130, using a 15c Hydraulic Auger Drive and of interest, the Engine of the Bobcat is idling for this install, which is usually the case.

A two man crew can install in one day, SunnRac EZ Foundation, framework, mounting channels, Solar panels, trenching , wired and operational, for most 10 – 15 kW Systems.

All Materials are Galvanized Steel or Aluminum, for long life. Should the owner move, this system can be uninstalled as EZ as it was to install and taken along.

And, Factory direct ordering, we need the panel Model you are using and leave the rest to us.

We are pleased that to date, our pricing has not been beaten , and most say with the Labor Savings, their next jobs will be with SunnRac, as no one helps their bottom line — like SunnRac


Exceeding Expectations

We’ve realized as high as 92 kW hrs/day with our SunnRac 16.2kW system!

2.7kW Farm Installation

Our Installer chose the SunnRac System, our 2.7kWhr System is averaging 14.16 kW hrs/day. We are VERY satisfied. -Kandi    


"Wow, a whole lot of  power out of our SunnRac System.  Love to watch the meter go backwards, very proud."    - Ed.  

Mt. Valley Winery Installation

Our Installer chose the SUNNRAC System, everything came in one shipment and was installed in one Day, Averaging about 11.9 kWhrs/day with our 2.25 System, Love it, Simple -Sturdy -and Best Price

Installed in a Day

"WinndSunn choose the SunnRac system, which is fast and Easy. Everything done in one day. Quality plus."    -Gary