Happy on the Farm

“First time in a long time, that I got what I paid for and was done when they said it would be. Like it a lot and especially the energy I am harvesting, Very satisfied.”    – Ron

A-Frame Solar Racking and Panel Installation Images

A recent Solar Installation is seen in the images below with SunnRac’s A-Frame ground Mount Solar Racking. [Read more…]

A-Frame Demonstration Video

Below is a video of SunnRac’s new EZ Foundation being installed. Notice that there is minimal ground degradation and you will see how the operator is being careful, not to turn too quickly to “twist” out areas of sod. SunnRac’s EZ Foundation can be installed in any weather. No waiting to excavate, No need for Concrete and Re-Bar, No waiting for cure time, and No Stripping of Forms. [Read more…]