Exceeding Expectations

We’ve realized as high as 92 kW hrs/day with our SunnRac 16.2kW system!

2.7kW Farm Installation

Our Installer chose the SunnRac System, our 2.7kWhr System is averaging 14.16 kW hrs/day. We are VERY satisfied. -Kandi




Wow, a whole lot of  power out of our SunnRac System.  Love to watch the meter go backwards, very proud.”    – Ed.


Mt. Valley Winery Installation

Our Installer chose the SUNNRAC System, everything came in one shipment and was installed in one Day, Averaging about 11.9 kWhrs/day with our 2.25 System, Love it, Simple -Sturdy -and Best Price around. -Mt Valley Winery.


Installed in a Day

“WinndSunn choose the SunnRac system, which is fast and Easy. Everything done in one day. Quality plus.”    -Gary

Fast and Clean

I was impressed with how fast WinndSunn installed our system and look at the yard, no mess! – Aldeen



“This system makes total sense to me, saves time, and is very rugged and will last decades.”    -Luke

Paying for itself

“Haven’t paid a penny in electricity costs since installing my SunnRac Solar System last year-Love it.”    – G Wooge

Happy on the Farm

“First time in a long time, that I got what I paid for and was done when they said it would be. Like it a lot and especially the energy I am harvesting, Very satisfied.”    – Ron

A-Frame Solar Racking and Panel Installation Images

A recent Solar Installation is seen in the images below with SunnRac’s A-Frame ground Mount Solar Racking. [Read more…]