Equinox Energy Homes, a New Initiative

Sunrack Solar has been installing solar systems on new and existing homes for quite a while now. Our travels throughout America have brought us a realization of our fit into a greater eco-system. One where solar is not just an add-on for minimizing energy costs and limiting one’s carbon footprint, but a fit where a right-sized solar energy system coupled with a full range of home energy efficiency technologies.

In providing the science, technologies, and training, Sun Rack Solar is proud to announce our new initiative – one where Zero Energy Homes exist.

Equinox Energy Homes

Please do visit and watch our initial video that outlines how we desire to help builders craft zero energy homes.


Exceeding Expectations

We’ve realized as high as 92 kW hrs/day with our SunnRac 16.2kW system!

2.7kW Farm Installation

Our Installer chose the SunnRac System, our 2.7kWhr System is averaging 14.16 kW hrs/day. We are VERY satisfied. -Kandi    


"Wow, a whole lot of  power out of our SunnRac System.  Love to watch the meter go backwards, very proud."    - Ed.  

Mt. Valley Winery Installation

Our Installer chose the SUNNRAC System, everything came in one shipment and was installed in one Day, Averaging about 11.9 kWhrs/day with our 2.25 System, Love it, Simple -Sturdy -and Best Price

Installed in a Day

"WinndSunn choose the SunnRac system, which is fast and Easy. Everything done in one day. Quality plus."    -Gary