SunnRac Ground Mount Solar Racking

SunnRacLogo4-6-11SunRackSolar manufactures the nation’s leading ground mount solar racking system- the SunnRac GM3000.  This Expandable product can handle from 6 solar panels to 600+ solar panels.   The SunnRac Ground Mount Solar Racking System is versatile, economical, and longest lasting.  The complete bare ground installation is performed with our Helical Pier “Concreteless Foundation” making it the fastest to install in the solar racking market.

Benefits of the nation’s best manufactured Solar Panel Racking System

SunnRac Racking Systems surpass Contractors expectations for ease of construction, maneuverability and installation time!

  • Your customers will be pleasantly surprised with minimal impact on the ground surrounding the racking.
  • Galvanized steel and aluminum maximize the life of the racking.
  • SunnRac, the fastest, easiest and most economical racking system

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GM3000 Racking can be shipped to accommodate all major solar panel brands


Feature List

  • Galvanized Steel Construction
  • Structural Aluminum C Channel
  • Helical Pier – 60,000 ksi, for “Concreteless Foundation”
  • “Easy Cap” leveling system
  • Adjustable angle for Panels
  • “Gator Grip” at Panel Clamps
  • Minimal site degradation
  • 175 to 300W panel sizes
  • 90 mph P.E. Certified
  • “One Day Fast” Installation
  • Over 25 year Endurance
  • Factory Direct Purchasing
  • “In Stock availability”
  • “Easy Freight Palleting”
  • Made in the U.S.A.
GM3000 Racking with Helical Ground Mount Installation

GM3000 Racking with Helical Ground Mount Installation

Installation Demo of the SunnRac EZ Foundation Concreteless Ground Mount Solar Racking System

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