Install Time Case Studies

One of the hardest parts of our business is convincing new customers just HOW FAST our solar racking system installs on site.  Without concrete,  and with the most straightforward design imaginable, SunnRac Solar Panel Mounting is hands down the best system on the planet.

Solar Panel Racking Install Times

Below are a series of test results for solar panel racking projects.  Each system involves:

  • 72 cell / 39” x 77” panels
  • 2 man Crew Size
  • Equipment: Bobcat

The system installs for the below results involve the following criteria:

  • No Travel Time Calculated
  • No Electrical/Panel Time Calculated
  • Recorded Time from the 1st Heilcal Install to the Last Aluminum Strut (Racking Only)
Per Man Prep Time Foundation Helical Anchors (Only ) Frame-racking-panels Total Man Hrs Watts/Hr/Man
Roberts,Wi 6.6kW 1h 0.8h 1.9h 7.4h 1,783
Quimby,Ia 9.0kW 1h 1.25h 3.5h 11.4h 1,578
Clear Lake,Ia 1.8kW 0.25h 0.25h 0.45h 1.9h 1,894